Spring 2018 Camino

Congratulations to the Veterans who have been selected to participate in the Spring 2018 Camino!
We are excited to be able to include Veterans from Poland – one of many coalition partners. I personally served side by side with soldiers from Poland during my tour in Ghazni, Afghanistan. I can attest that they endured the same tribulations, they bled with us and some paid the ultimate price. They are brother and sister Veterans and I am proud to walk the Camino with them.
Chad hails from Tennessee and is a US Army Veteran. He served for 17 years and had multiple deployments including Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).
Witold is from Malbork, Poland and served in the Polish Army from 1988 – 2013 with deployments to Iraq, Kosovo and Ghazni, Afghanistan.
Grzegorz is from Kilinskiego, Poland. Grzegorz served in the Polish Army and was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo.
Piotr is also from Poland and served two tours in Afghanistan with the Polish Army.
I encourage you to follow the website updates to learn more about these amazing Veterans, to read what they’ve been through, what they’ve sacrificed. And to follow along as they make their journey along the 500 mile Camino de Santiago.
Buen Camino!
Brad Genereux

4 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Camino

  1. Brad, for this we will be eternally grateful. May Casey’s spirit soar and help you on this wonderful pilgrimage. May God bless you and Godspeed on your journey.


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