Spring 2018 Camino Application

Applications for the VOC Spring Camino are now open! We are happy to announce that VOC is preparing for the next Camino trip slated for April-May 2018.
VOC is looking for Veteran applicants who stand to benefit from this journey of hope.  If you are a Veteran struggling with the adjustment to civilian life or are having difficulty dealing with issues relating to your military service, please consider applying to walk the Camino de Santiago with VOC.  If you know of a struggling Veteran, please pass this information along.
We will depart for the Spring Camino at the beginning of April 2018 and return mid-May 2018.  Over the course of the trip we will walk over 500 miles across northwestern Spain
If you wish to apply, please respond via the contact link with your email address and an Application form will be sent to you.  We accept applications from all coalition nation Veterans and only ask that each Veteran be able to converse in English.  Application deadline is 20 December 2017.  Each application will be reviewed by VOC’s selection committee with invitations to join the Spring Camino issued thereafter.  Once again, if you wish to apply for the Spring Camino, please respond by providing your email address and an Application will be forwarded to you.
VOC also needs your generous support to make this happen.  VOC provides each selected Veteran applicant with travel, boots & backpack and  per diem for the 40-day trip. Contributions are greatly appreciated and gladly accepted via PayPal. You can also contact the administrator to send payment directly to Veterans on the Camino.  We are a 501(c)(3) charity and all donations are tax deductible.  Any and every amount helps and will directly benefit the participating Veterans.

If you are unable to contribute financially, please help to spread the word so we can enable our Veterans to find “The Way”.

Buen Camino,
Brad Genereux
President and Founder, VOC

4 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Camino Application

  1. I am not a vet… but struggled with personal issues.
    The Camino gave me more than mere words could ever express. My husband and I would like to sponsor 3 vets for the up comming trip. Please PM me for full cost details.
    What you are doing for these vets is truly an act of God.s work. May Gods Light forever guide you..
    Bless you Brother
    Buen Camino

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    • Thank you so much for your generous support! You are making this possible – and I believe that getting our Veterans out on the Camino can be a life-changing experience. As you know, its an amazing place to walk under the field of stars!


  2. I would like to apply for the spring Camino please. Roger Joly informed me as to this opportunity for healing and self reflection. I followed him during his Camino twice and feel that it would benefit my healing process greatly at this time. Thank you for your consideration. Happy Thanksgiving!

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