Meet the Veterans – 1 of 6

lex bonilla

My name is Alex, I am a father of a 12yr old boy and a 2yr old girl. I’ve spent my entire adult life serving in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout.
After multiple deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan I was forced to retire due to things that go “boom” and that left me with multiple injuries to include a traumatic brain injury.
After a year of therapy, I retired.

I’ve spent the last 5 years mentoring other veterans suffering from mental illness. While mentoring others, I benefited from helping. Still the struggle continued as I never really took the time to focus on myself and it caused a strain in my relationships.
I am in a better place – but still want to find myself again. I’m in the process of finishing my 2nd Masters in Military Psychology with the hope of helping others on a larger scale.

5 thoughts on “Meet the Veterans – 1 of 6

  1. Alex, You’re a father, a fighter, a defender and a helper. You’re an inspiration. I believe you will find what you need (and more) on this journey. Buen Camino.


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