In just a few weeks, Veterans on the Camino will be accepting applications for the next pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella, Spain.

We are seeking any coalition Veteran interested in making this life altering journey on the ancient “Camino de Santiago.”  This journey is a transformation – not a vacation.

To qualify you must:
1. Completely fill out the application form that will be provided by VOC
2. Provide a DD214 (with SSN blacked out) or equivalent if you served with other than US forces
3. Be able to clear your schedule from 1 April 2019 until 15 May 2019
4. Have a valid passport (or equivalent if from another EU country)

The applications will be accepted from 1 October 2018 until 15 December 2018 and the selection results will be publicized in early January.

If selected, we will conduct a phone interview and equip you with a backpack and boots to begin your preparations before linking up in early April for this 550 mile walk across northwestern Spain.

In addition to the boots and backpack, VOC will pay all travel to and from the Camino and will provide $30 USD per day to cover food and albergue costs while on the Camino.

Buen Camino,
Brad Genereux


10 thoughts on “Spring 2019 Camino announcement

  1. Ex-U.S. Marine and ex-Legion Para here. You know what, I’d love to, but you always seem do it over Camerone! C’est donc pas trop attrayant. I believe I will be on the Camino somewhat earlier this year.


  2. I get this while literally on the Camino finishing the last stages to complete my journey! Are you set up as a 501c3? I’d like to support you. I retired from the US Army in 2012 and don’t need subsidizing but can help others. It’s what the Camino teaches, after all.


    • Tom, we are a 501c3 – Thank you for your service and thank you for your offer to help. Please do get in touch with me sometime after your return, I’m always interested in getting help with this. Buen Camino Peregrino!


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